Welcome to my garden blog. Winter months bring winter birds to the garden, spring brings renewal with bright colors and natures wondrous flowers, summer brings perennials that liven up the outdoors, while autumn gives us a harvest of homegrown veggies.

Monday, January 7, 2013

This Blog Will No Longer Be Updated

Hi folks...It has been some time since I have blogged on this blog and have been focusing my time on my other blog My Home For The Holidays  . I have decided to incorporate the two and take my gardening adventures over to that blog along with my other hobbies. Thanks for reading and following this blog. I will keep it up for past reference (for myself and other readers).
So stop by My Home For The Holidays and also check me out on Facebook!
Again, thanks for reading and I hope you can join me at My Home For The Holidays!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Praying Mantis and A Decorative Garden!

My very good friend, loves Praying Mantis. She collects the nests and hopes that will hatch. Today, one of the nests hatched! 

If you look very closely (I think if you click on the pictures they will enlarge) you will see some baby Praying Mantis! 

Some were hiding underneath this beautiful flower.

Now onto garden decor. She loves to adorn her garden with refurbished furniture and the like. Hmmm...sounds like someone else I know...me...haha. 

Most of her items are all yard sale finds and she repaints and restores them to fit into her garden decor.

I had to take a picture of this plant...I forget the name of it. I have been racking my brain trying to remember. Maybe one of you garden aficionados may know it. It will be very exciting to see the flower when it blooms. It just showed up in her garden this year. 

This was a collection of items she purchased at yard sales and glued together to make this nice piece of art for her garden.

This is a lace lined wheelbarrow filled with herbs. 

Just beautiful! 

Caught a glimpse of two bunnies chasing each other. I actually had taken a picture of a baby bunny, but was not close enough and did not have my bigger lens. 

Love the use of window panes in the garden. 

This sweet little bench was purchased at the same yard sale where I got my wheelbarrow. We were out together and she saw the bench and I saw the wheelbarrow. 
The car was loaded up that day! 

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my friend's garden. 

Making a Trellis Out Of Sunflower Stalks

Last years sunflowers left me with lots of stalks I just couldn't bare to get rid of. I left them harden outside all winter and spring and they were still in great condition as far as strength and durability! 
So I decided to make a trellis out of them.

I used twine to secure the sections. It was a tedious task, but I got it done. After all were secured, I took my little saw and cut off the sides to make them more even.

Here is my finished product. I secured them in the ground by pounding bamboo stakes in the ground ( I have plenty of them ) and then inserted the two bottom ends over the stakes (the centers are hollow of the sunflower stalks). 
There she stands in all her glory waiting for something to grow ( not the weed below it). I am thinking of getting some sunflowers (not mammoth) and plant them there to grow up in front of the trellis. 
I am not sure how sturdy or how long this trellis will last, but as long as it lasts this summer, I will be happy. My total cost for this my time only. The stalks -  leftover from sunflowers last year, the twine - in a garden cart given to me from my mother, the bamboo stakes - I have had many of these for years in my garden shed. 
I may try to secure the pieces even more, but then again, I might not as I like it the way it is. I want it to be as natural as possible. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Herb Basting Brush

I see many exciting things on Pinterest and this really made my day!!! I came across this pin and went to the original source and you can find the how, what and photo credit here.

This made me very happy that I bought so many herbs for the garden and how easy this is to make! Mr H and I do a of grilling and this will be a perfect way to add more seasonings and flavor to our meats and veggies on the old propane grill.

Visit the site and check it out. This is my favorite pin of the week!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today In The Garden


I hope your garden is making you feel as good as mine makes me! 

Happy gardening!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

I treated myself this Mother's Day to some more garden flowers. Since the impatiens are still on sale, I bought some more and planted them in my chicken feeder and decided to place an old cake pan inside the top, fill with water and placed a rock in the middle for the birds to have a place to perch and drink. 

The tomatoes are looking good and I placed an old tomato juicer or whatever it is called in the middle of the box for decoration. These are small bush tomato plants and the box on the on the bottom has wide openings in the slats that the roots can go down into the ground. 

I had an extra dusty miller plant and placed it in my little watering can under my spigot. I have since decided that I am going to find a small piece of coco liner, line the planter with that and place some bacopa in there instead as the bacopa will drape out and over like a waterfall...but for now, this is how it looks. 

My potato plants are doing just fine in their little sacks. They have all but reached the top of the potato sacks and I think one more layer of dirt once they reach a bit over the top and all I have to do now is wait for them to flower and die off and get ready to reach my fingers in the sides of the sacks and pull out dinner...but I will have to wait until summer....
It will be worth it to eat fresh pulled potatoes!!!

Another treat for Mother's Day was to get an ever blooming begonia. If you click on the picture, you can see the red begonia  placed on the top of the strawberry planter to the left of the rocking chairs. the bright red really shows through and adds a nice bit of color until the smaller red and white impatiens begin to grow bigger. 

The birds are happy, they have a nice sheltered place for food, water and a place to hide in among the ivy covered birch tree, I am happy as my shady garden is coming along nicely.

The rest of the garden beds are doing well and I did plant some seeds this morning in the back garden, side garden and front garden.

The back garden I planted the white sunflower seeds, and some teddy bear sunflower seeds, the side and front garden, I planted some perennial tall grass seed. Hopefully the seeds will take off soon and I have more color coming to the floral garden beds. 

Everything is shaping up nicely around here and I said to Mr H, we will have to have a summer garden party this year. 

Happy Mother's Day to all! 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Garden Pictures Taken Today

I added another ladder to the garden. This one will have black eyed susan vine climbing over it!

Won't be long until I have ready to eat fresh strawberries! 

My "free yardsale" watering can! You can also see the black eyed susan vine I planted - it should soon take off and start climbing the ladder! 

Red geranium in old cheese box. 

Just another view of the back garden.

I purchased 2 landscape gerbera daisies today. They are CHEAP at the amish greenhouses. Only $5! 
They are HUGE!

Up in the shade garden I have my impatiens in my strawberry planter. 
If you check out the new header picture, you will also see I planted impatiens in the chicken feeders in that corner of the yard. 

Giant allium hiding behind the rose branches. Yes, I see my roses have a bit of an issue. 

In the front garden, I put some coleus in the little red wheelbarrow...

That's all for today. I can't wait until all my plants grow and grow and grow!!!!

I did other planting today, and will take more pictures as the new little ones progress. 

Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Pictures From The Back Garden

Shasta Daisies, I love them! 

The chives are flowering! 

Found a robins egg in the mulch. Not sure where the nest is or how it got there. 

I used this wooden box to plant my tomatoes in this year. It is with a heavy heart that I or I should say we, the Mr and I , have decided not to have a huge veggie garden this year. We have a lot happening over the summer this year and I am afraid it will get neglected and it just will not work out for us this year. Although I have found several areas in the floral garden beds to "sneak" in some fruits and veggies. 

I used an old box my mother gave me to hold some of my garden herbs. I love the rope handle.

Strawberries in a basket. These came back up from last year and are going strong. There are a couple green strawberries in there that will soon be ready to adorn my morning cereal! 

Potatoes have been added this year. I purchased 2 potato growing sacks last year at the end of the season sale and I can't wait to have some home grown potatoes! 

Here is another view of what the sacks look like. They have velcro openings on the sides to eventually reach in and grab some taters for supper! I have to watch these carefully, as it will soon be time to add another layer of soil. 

In the herb garden area of the flower bed, I have one of two ladders. This one I purchased at a yard sale for $4! It was already painted these fun colors. I have hyacinth bean growing up the back. You really can't see it yet as it is still on the small side. When it grows up higher I will take more pictures. 

The best part of the above ladder is that the blue paint matches my garden bench! 
There is another ladder to the back left of the garden bench that you really can't see in this picture, but I have green beans started growing up the back of that ladder. So we shall have green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, herbs and strawberries in our garden this year. Better than nothing! I really wanted corn and pumpkins, but it is not going to happen this year. 

Soon I will have updated pictures of my front garden and my shade garden in the back corner of the yard. I have more planting to do next week in the front garden and the shade garden needs weeded a bit more and some more color! 
So far everything is coming along nicely. 

Happy Gardening!